Walt Disney Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Walt Disney Case Solution

Introduction of the Company

Walt Disney Company was founded in 1923. It is the largest media company in the world. It is visionary alongside being one of the beloved and respected brands around the world. The focus of Walt Disney is to make creative content and leveraging innovation via latest technology. It also has the vision of expanding into emerging markets around the globe.

Walt Disney Company is a leading multinational corporation of America. Headquarter of Walt Disney is in Burbank, California. Walt Disney and Roy Disney started the company as a small studio of animation. The company then strived for many years with unsuccessful innovations. However, it got courage through debut of Mickey Mouse. Mickey Mouse has been the official mascot of the company, it that been the cause of flourishing popularity of Walt Disney Company. Currently, Robert Iger, Walt Disney’s CEO, leads the company. Walt Disney is one of the largest entertainment firms in the world and has 166,000 employees in the organization. Furthermore, it has annual revenues of approximately $45 billion mark.

 Walt Disney Company is an entertainment company that has diversified its business into different fragments. It has been engaged in entertaining people around the world for eight decades through Parks and Resorts, Consumer Products, Media and Network, and Interactive and Studio Entertainment. It initially established as the leader in the animation industry of America and then started its journey towards live-action film production and television. Furthermore, Walt Disney Company became a public company in 1940. The organization was reincorporated with its current name in 1986 and expanded its operations globally in the same year. Hence, its divisions were initiated after the expansion of its operations. These divisions were focused toward radio, theatre, music, online media, and publishing.

Mission of Walt Disney Company was to be one of the leading producers and providers of the information and entertainment. In order to differentiate the content, consumer products, and services, the company researched to progress towards innovative, profitable, and most creative entertainment experiences involving related products in the world.

Analysis of Corporate Governance of The Walt Disney Company

Media Networks of the Walt Disney Company

The Media Network segments include vast group of broadcast, publishing, radio, cable. and digital business among two divisions of ESPN Inc. and the Disney/ABC Television.

The Family ABC is a cable network that operates domestically. It targets the viewers from age the group of 14 to 34 year old people. Furthermore, ABC Television is efficient in producing live-action; it also acquires programming from third party.

The Walt Disney Company also incorporates multimedia sports entertainment with the large group of ESPN. ESPN consists of different channels that entertain people on the basis of the type of sports entertainment they prefer since all of ESPN’s channels show different sport events from one another. These channels include ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPNU as well, which is a network for college sports. Furthermore, ESPN Classic, ESPNEWS SEC, and Longhorn Network (network for the college athletics belong to Southern Conference). ESPN group of Walt Disney operates 20 television stations outside United States (Fundamentally in Latin America) in more than 60 countries in order to attract sports fans in those markets. Overall, ESPN is broad casted in four different languages.

The list of channels owned by Disney incorporates approximately 100 channels, which operate with 34 different languages and are broad casted in 160 territories or countries. The branded channels of Disney comprise of Disney Junior, Disney Channel, Disney XD, Disney Cinema, Disney Cinemagic, and Dlife. Walt Disney now has arrangement with Cox Communication, where the companies now broadcast football games on demand...................

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