Two Big Banks’ Broken Back Office Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Two Big Banks' Broken Back Office  Case Solution

Six months into the merger of two international money-center banks, Megan Richards, the new bank's foreign exchange sales manager, is attempting to keep her customer base in light of the bank's inability to deliver foreign currency in a manner that is timely.

The objective banks' junior-grade systems were selected for political motives, leading corporate customers are phoning Megan with grievances and their demands about dislocations, and Megan is refused support from her supervisor, vice chairman in charge of Global Capital Markets. Goal of the case would be to introduce political and functional challenges of post-merger integration, particularly as they face frontline supervisors that are middle. (We use the case to open our PMI class.)

This is just an excerpt. This case is about  STRATEGY & EXECUTION



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Two Big Banks’ Broken Back Office

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