Tristan Walker: The Extroverted Introvert Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Tristan Walker: The Extroverted Introvert Case Solution

This is just an excerpt. This case is about  INNOVATION & ENTREPRENEURSHIP

PUBLICATION DATE: October 26, 2016

Tristan Walker was a 32-year-old business owner. An ideal mind and GSB graduate, Walker had actually achieved much in his brief profession, and had actually worked quickly at Twitter, Foursquare, and Andreessen Horowitz prior to establishing his own business, Walker & Company Brands. Walker was likewise the chair and cofounder of Code 2040, a not-for-profit that assisted underrepresented minorities chart effective paths in the innovation sector. Tristan Walker matured in Queens, NY, where a Boys' Club program led him to a scholarship at the Hotchkiss School, a Connecticut prep school. From there he participated in SUNY-Stony Brook, preparing to head into the monetary world. A quick stint on Wall Street encouraged him otherwise, so he applied to Stanford GSB. Walker invested his opportunity at the GSB developing a strong network of links and coaches. Throughout his very first year at GSB, Walker discovered himself in the best location at the correct time when he interned at Twitter, and accepted the business's function in altering worldwide interaction. His next relocation was to leap to Foursquare, a business with an app that let customers share details about neighboring organisations and destinations. Walker's determination was legendary-he revealed he was concerning work there, appeared and registered merchants, and wound up head of organisation advancement. Much of the case explains how Walker chose the objectives of his very own business and how he introduced his vision. As an entrepreneur-in-residence at Andreessen Horowitz, Walker focused on developing a fresh concept. The awareness that African Americans might prevent razor bumps by utilizing various shaving items resonated with him, and he might see there was a chance to serve this underrepresented market. So he set out to make health and appeal items customized for the convenience and advantage of individuals of color. Walker's comprehensive contacts and tremendous following on Twitter, and his variety of experiences all assisted ready him for the launch of Walker & Company in 2013.

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