TiVo 2007: DVRs and Beyond Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Tom Rogers, CEO of TiVo, put some strategic stakes in his company. In September 2007, driven strategies for the test. TiVo has been a manufacturer of digital video recorder (DVR) products and distributor of DVR technology. Rogers believes that the macro trends in the home entertainment industry - the convergence of television with standard delivery of video content via broadband Internet, and related to the crisis faced by a company whose business model relied on television advertising - played on TiVo's unique strengths. Technological leadership DVR and TV-oriented user interface, probably located TiVo, to become something more than a consumer electronics company. It was a big bet Roger. Its implementation requires the creation of six other bets: keep selling standalone DVRs in the retail market, despite rapidly undermined the market share, the distribution of TiVo service in partnership with cable and satellite TV providers (which also functioned as the main rivals TiVo DVR in the market), the development of a platform for DVR-advertising, access to the business audience research, the use of intellectual property TiVo, both through the trials and on the market, and is expanding in non-US markets. In late 2007, a key new products, a major distribution deal with cable operator Comcast, and key intellectual property suits were all reaching the point of critical hit. "Hide
by David B. Yoffie, Michael Slind Source: HBS Premier Case Collection 32 pages. Publication Date: October 15, 2007. Prod. #: 708401-PDF-ENG

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TiVo 2007: DVRs and Beyond

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