The Promise: The Basic Building Block of Accountability Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Accountability is now a major buzzword of late, mentioned to be at the core of resurrections and market meltdowns and among the basic buildings blocks of successful companies. Because of this, it has become a matter of investigation by a large coterie of social scientists, consultants and professionals. Break the riddle of liability, the thinking goes, and you may have solved one of the largest issues in modern business. The author claims that most of the approaches that are planned focus too narrowly on measurement systems, responsibilities, private attributes and jobs - all of which are important aspects of liability, but overlook its three most significant characteristics: relativity, reflexivity and its relationality.

He describes that responsibility is relational in that it demands a guarantee or commitment from me to you; it's reflexive in that it says something about me and about our relationship that I need to internalize and accept; and it truly is relative to a set of background assumptions and a foundation audience - made up of those who can observe my obligation to you and those who cannot, but could. Keeping guarantees and accounting for their breaches in ways that are legitimate, genuine and credible is what makes organizations work, societies boom, and cultures promulgate themselves into the future. The dedication path described by the author can hence be seen as an 'audit trail' for the journey of assuring, a manner of delegating responsibility in the face of ambiguity, mendacity and subterfuge.

The Promise The Basic Building Block of Accountability Case Study Solution


This is just an excerpt. This case is about LEADERSHIP & MANAGING PEOPLE

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The Promise: The Basic Building Block of Accountability

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