The Problem with Digital Design Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Digital design has become widespread in the development process. It is easy to see why. The benefits include rapid iterations, rapid prototyping and development of the ability to model entire systems without costly physical prototypes, and do it remotely through a virtual team. Traditionally used for computer-aided design and manufacturing applications, in recent years of digital design moved to the front of the development process, facilitating thought, conceptual design and globally distributed innovation. Using empirical and case-based research, including a longitudinal study of the development of the 145 organizations that are active users of digital design, the authors of the report on the challenges and opportunities of digital design during these early stages. Although there are many advantages, there are also some potential disadvantages of using digital design in product development. Tools for digital design can make the work appear until it actually is, causing problems down the line. And because the tools are easy to use tools make the concept ripened early. This may contribute to endless tinkering, delaying production. Digital design at design concepts can lead to upload, a condition in which the team is gaining valuable work interrupted by the user understanding and potential iterations of the product / system solutions. The integration of digital design in the development process can not replace the need for separate stages of training, design and development. The authors show that R & D management must balance the promotion of creative iterations, while maintaining the overall process discipline, and do not have to sacrifice quality in projects to speed development. Finally, authors'research shows a direct link between the company R & D efficiency and strategy of integration of digital design in a common IT infrastructure for the new product "Hide
by Tucker Marion, Sebastian Fixson, Marc Meyer H Source: MIT Sloan Management Review 6 pages. Publication Date: July 1, 2012. Prod. #: SMR421-PDF-ENG

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The Problem with Digital Design

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