THE MISWAK COMPANY Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The Miswak Company Case Study Solution


The following case is based on class project that provide the concept to two undergraduate business school students,Drewnowsky & Peet, to start their own business, under the name of “The Miswak Company (TMC)”. Miswak is a fully natural biodegradable product an alternative to toothbrush, it can be obtain from the branches of Salvadora Persica tree. Soon with the support of their family they successfully arrange the funds necessary for financing the business, but are unsure whether the funds raised would be sufficient enough to meet the cash flow requirements for the next three years. Therefore they are also considering options to go for alternate source of finance if in case the arranged fund would not be sufficient enough to meet their forecasted cash flow requirements which is necessary to operate the business.

Drewn owsky previously did not have any personal business experience but his father & uncle owned family-run business, he used to actively participate during his high school as an environmental representative & considered entrepreneurship as a potential career option after completion of his graduation, Peet had worked previously as marketing designer for yoga & wellness studio and provided marketing material to them, she worked as a freelancer, and believed that starting partnership business at TMC would probably be a good opportunity for her to take the step towards professional career. If the business venture is financially viable than they planned to start it in September 2014.Currently, Miswak is widely used in Saudi Arabia & in many other Muslim countries. For dental hygiene & religious reasons it is also used in many parts of Asia, Africa & America as well.

SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis is proven to be a very useful tool in decision making, particularly in situations where important key decisions are need to be made, such as deciding whether to launch any new product, enter into a new market or change the existing market segment, changing current business model, introducing new policies etc.

It could be further segmented into the following factors:


This represents the internal resources of the organization, it could be the employees of the organization, any unique resource that is not available to the competitor, any professional expertise or exclusive right obtained such as patent for a specific period of time & any licensing to operate in any geographical region for a number of years. In the case of The Miswak Company (TMC) their product is unique for the region in which they want to operate, they have required expertise to run the business, Peet had previous experience of designing marketing material & the raw material required to produce the product is in abandon supply, because of the nature of the product it attract many “Green Customers” as the demand for such product has increased in the recent years.


THE MISWAK COMPANY Harvard Case Solution & Analysis




Usually contains internal deficiencies & shortcomings of resources, these could be the availability of raw material/inventory, professional competence or experience, lack of availability of skill labor, shortage of fund or might be organization internal structure etc. all these things implies or drive the resources within the organization. In the case of TMC the company is facing insufficiency of financial resources therefore they need to focus on optimum utilization of their existing resource in order to turn their weakness into strength.................

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