Tethia Lungmeng: Making Stone from Paper Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

On 18th Febuary 2011, making Tethia Lungmeng Environmental Friendly Products Co. Ltd the first company to develop commercial stone paper in China. TLM’s founder gave visitors his stone paper company card and dipped the card into glass of water.

Half an hour into the dialogue, he pulled the card out, passed it about and shook the water off. The rock paper business card yet was fully water resistant and felt the same as common paper. Rock paper is paper made from limestone, which is an abundant raw material.

And chairman believed that rock paper's potential goes beyond replacing traditional paper. How easily would it be accepted by consumers? How should TLM promote potential and the worth of rock paper? Which markets should he target? Should TLM focus on China or reach out to more developed nations in the West? What would be the proper business model? TLM licensed the technology from Taiwan and had exclusive rights only in Anhui province. Although TLM was the first to produce rock paper commercially, three other firms were in the procedure for starting up production. How should TLM exploit its first-mover advantage? How should TLM develop the resources and tactical capacities to ensure success? How could it leverage on the standing and expertise that TLM and Kong had ammased over the years? Was it sustainable?

Tethia Lungmeng Making Stone from Paper case study solution


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Tethia Lungmeng: Making Stone from Paper

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