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The absence of co-ordination and trust between the management of the Beautiful Springs and the Union of Retail Workers is the fundamental issue of the organization as it is hampering the operations of the business and its development. It is due to this reason that several controversies have risen in the organization.


The Beautiful Springs is a spa facility that offers several other services like food etc. Moreover, it serves as a leisure and tourist spot for its customers. The internal dynamics of the organization are affected and hampered due to the ongoing issues and controversies between the management of the company and the union of its employee`s.

The employees’ union has asked for the records and specific question regarding the address, salary and other details of the employees and they have also sought clarifications regarding the expansion plan of the company as they will need all this information to prepare themselves for the bargaining contract.However, the management of the organization is unwilling to provide the requirementson everything and it has only shared limited details with the union. The management is unwilling to co-ordinate with the union and this has created crises within the entity as plans are getting delayed.


The external environment and developments are also having an impact on the activities and opportunities of the business. The construction and opening of the casino adjacent to the Beautiful Springs spa facility is likely to bring more potential customers at the facility and the management of the company has identified this new opportunity that is likely to boost the growth of the company along with its operating margins.

The company has interlinked its plans of expansion and increasing the capacity of the facility to this external opportunity. However, due to the crisis that hasemerged in the internal dynamics, these developments might be affected....................

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