Telemedicine Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Telemedicine Case Solution


Telemedicine is used at a wide spread scale by the physicians for facilitating its customers byproviding them with a higher number of opinions. Telemedicineallows the doctors from different locations to exchange of medical images in Tele-radiology and video conferencing technologies0(, n.d).

The entire industry of telemedicine has been evolving over the period of time at an increasing rate. Telemedicine is currently being used in the fields of dermatology, ophthalmology, mental health, cardiology and pathology. In addition to this, instead of the massive evolution in the entire field, the financial long-term viability of the industry is still doubtful and could not be calculated easily (Zundel, 1996)

Upon the extensive pilot testing, a fewer number of such services have been able to achieve long-term viability. In addition to this, Massachusetts General Hospital Neurologythat is self-sustaining and meeting the requirements of the Full offerings of Partners HealthCare's Tele Stroke serviceand therefore, it acts as a vital need.

Telemedicine techniques are extensively targeted on stroke care procedures. In addition to this, Clinicians at some participating hospitals are showing their interest in using telemedicine for other medical applications outside of stroke care. The main issue in the case is that the partners are unable to figure out that whether they should expand the overall operations of the telemedicine offerings as well as they are also unable to make effective strategies in order to manage such operations efficiently and effectively.


Business model and Business Goal:

The business model and business goal of the health care institution is to provide optimum care facilities to its customers. In addition to this, the health care institution has theaim of providing medical facilities to its customers which are nearest to their homes.

Major Business Strategies

Partners have earned the confidence and satisfaction of its customers by facilitating its customers with accurate and satisfactory medical procedure over the period of time. In addition to this, the top management of the institution has made its back breaking efforts in order to eliminate the wasted time between the procedures of treating the patient. Moreover, the management of the institution also provides effective training to its employees in order to increase their skills required to increase the overall competence of the institution....................

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