Tampa General Hospital: The Politics of Privatization Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

This case tells the story of Dr. Bruce Siegel, New York Date of birth: doctor, who in 1996 served as president of financially troubled State Hospital, Tampa. Siegel is necessary to consider the prospect of privatization such as deficit-ridden hospital, while walking on a tightrope, because the political need to obtain the approval of local elected officials for what it is, of course, areas. His choice influenced by the fact that a large African-American community in Tampa historically been convinced that the privatization of hospitals will reduce services for low-income people of color in the community. Siegel, himself the son of Haitian mothers have to deal with the expectation that, as a man, the color itself, it will be cut down to a consensus approach Tampa black community at the same time understanding that if you do not put the hospital finances in order, he risks making serious harm to his career as a medical administrator. HKS Case Number 1608.0 "Hide
by Chandak Hell, Roderick King, Joan Reede, Esther Scott, 11 pages. Publication Date: March 12, 2001. Prod. #: HKS425-PDF-ENG

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Tampa General Hospital: The Politics of Privatization

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