SUGAR BOWL CASE STUDY Harvard Case Solution & Analysis



After completing the graduation from the business school, Ms. Shelby Givens took over the business of his grandfather who died in 2008. The name of the business was Westlake Lanes, which provided the ailing seventies-style bowling business. Ms. Givens, with the help of the applications of studies she did in the graduation as well as her entrepreneurial skills succeeded in taking the business from the losses to the profits again.

However, due to several issues relating to the environment, the first and the foremost in the customers’ perception and the taste because the Westlake Lanes was providing the very old style bowling technique.Moreover, there are a number of competitors present in the industry for this business with all these issues Ms. Givens is highly required to come up with some idea in order to generate revenues for the long term business. Therefore, after a long study of the bowling industry including the customers’ perceptions and the rigorous cost management, she came up with an idea in the name of Sugar Bowl which could help solves all the issues which she is currently facing.

The idea called for the projection need of $ 700,000, however $600,000 were arranged with the help of loan from the friends and the family and the local bank which posed some terms and conditions for its repayment including her own home as a loan collateral whereas, she was still short of her goal of $700,000.

Ms. Given understood the key to profitable in this business for a very long time period is the provision of utmost entertainment for the customers by cutting the overall expenses of the business to generate profit. The management was required to focus on three different phases for the transforming of the old style bowling Westlake Lanes to the new and more entertaining Sugar Bowl. The phases include:

  1. The preparation for the transformation. The main challenges in this phase for the company were the employee procurement for the Sugar Bowl, research and development cost as well as the food cost.
  2. Further renovation and the grand opening of the Sugar Bowl. The main issues in this phase include the shortage of time period, the contracts were behind the schedule and they missed their deadline which is subjected to a decline of $ 30,000 in revenue.
  3. This phase includes the overall operation of the business with regards to addressing the issues of unpredictability, and the emotional rollercoaster of ups and downs with customer and also the fluctuating trend in the revenue generation for the company and the stakeholders.

Last issue is the advertisement as well as the marketing of the company using different kinds of promotional techniques in order to make them visible in front of the vast numbers of competitors present in the market. The targeted customers for the business are the young professionals as well as the older graduate students so the company was also faced with the challenge of determining the appropriate target for the crowd that could be provided in the business which is really one big component for the management to consider.


The business that Mr. Dane Sugar started in the name of Westlake Lanes of the old technique of bowling was going in losses for year. Mr. Givens the granddaughter of Mr. Dane Sugar took over the business after his death and with all her skills and capabilities transformed the business from the losses to the smaller profits....................

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