Strategic Risk Approach to Knowledge Management Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In today's business environment, strong forces of competition and globalization has created an urgent need to focus both management of the organization and powers of its intellectual capital. The concept of knowledge and its management with the currency and momentum as technology has enabled thoughts and ideas to be more easily generated and distributed. With the increasing use of technologies such as the Internet, customer relationship management (CRM), and advanced software capabilities, it has been suggested, it is time to discuss the new paradigm of knowledge management. To this end, this article examines the knowledge of the literature and a review of the experience of leading private healthcare groups, in order to deepen understanding of the issues facing the effective knowledge management in modern organizations. Finally, a preliminary model of the knowledge developed here, one of which is intended to guide future discussions in the ongoing discussion of knowledge. "Hide
by Bruce E Perrott Source: Business Horizons 11 pages. Publication Date: November 1, 2007. Prod. #: BH257-PDF-ENG

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Strategic Risk Approach to Knowledge Management

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