STELLA Mccartney Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


Stella McCartney was born in London and graduated in 1995 from Central St Martin’s.She became interested in designing clothes at a very young age. In herteenage Stella designed her first jacket, at the age of sixteen Stella was selected to work with Christian Lacroix. She workedathis haute couture collection and flourished her skills and gained an immense amount of experience which helps in her later career. In her graduation collection, her work featured her friends and some supermodels. The work received huge appreciation, and a boutique took the entire collection in London named Tokyo. She also designed her sister’s wedding dress which also got the attention of media and society.

Stella McCartney is keen to develop the fashion which is unique in its design and style;her collection shows the sexy femininity which is appealing in the eyes of men and women(Bastien, 2015). Because of her unique and creative ideas, she was appointed by Chloe in Paris in 1997as the Creative Director, Her skills greatly flourished and welcomed by Chloe, and the brand itself got ahuge amount of business in the span of her association with Chloe.

She did not use any fur and leather in her designs, which also plays a vital role in developing the brand.This factor also distinguishes her design and collection from other designers in the fashion industry.

Stella McCartney now directly operates 51 stores in various cities around the globe. 600 plus wholesale accounts are also distributing her collections worldwide(Baykal & Delagarde, 2011). The brand also provides the facility of online shopping, and its products are supplied to almost 100 countries online.Apartof the women fashion industry, Stella McCartney is also involved in designing high-class menswear and kids fashion.

STELLA Mccartney Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


Stella McCartney entered into a joint venture with King in 2001 and launched her first collection in Paris. After the success of Stella in thefashion industry, Stella launched her first perfume in 2003. In addition to this, Stella McCartney enteredinto a long-term contract with Adidas in September 20104, after this collaboration with Adidas;several athletes recognized her brand in the field of Yoga, Tennis, Swimming and cycling.

In May 2005, itwas revealed that Stella McCartney wouldwork in collaboration with one of the biggest players in fashion industry, H&M. Her collection was launched in November, and the H&M was astonished to see the results. Her collection was sold out immediately;H&M greatly admired her work. In 2007, Stella McCartney entered into another extensive collaboration with Australian budget store Target which also proves to be very successful for both parties.

In 2008, the brand introduced a new collection of creative and Aspirational designs of lingerie which fulfills the modern fashion requirements for women. Stella McCartney launches the new style of bags called Falabella Handbags in winter 2010 which are regarded as the best-selling item of the brand till now. 2010 proved to be the defining year for thebrand, where Stella McCartney launched her first ever kids collection which helps her brand capturing the market share of kids fashion industry. Her designs were initiated to capture the market share in the boy's fashion industry and for newborn babies as well as boys and girls up to the age of fourteen....................

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