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Company Introduction

Steelwedge Software was established in 2000 by Glen Margolis. The purpose of Steelwedge Software is to provide the thorough analysis of sales that can help in predicting the sales of the clients and the operation analysis too. Moreover, it has Integrated business planning (IBP) with its competent efficiency of automated collaboration and comprehensive analysis. The integration support at Steelwedge undermines the consent of all the major departments and channels of the client company as marketing, sales, supply chain and the finance of each company contribute to their analysis. The analysis of various departments allows Steel wedge to assess financial planning, fluctuation in demand, balance in the sales and the capacity of trade–offs, the connection of the financial planning along with S&OP and customer service targets and strategic revenue drove to measure performance. The company has the advantage of more Software-as–a–service (SaaS) for the S&OP implementations as compared to its competitors. The major clients of the Steel wedge comprise of HP, Canon, Emerson, Hospira, Applied Materials, Sara Lee, Syngenta and Sony.

Services of Steelwedge Software

Steelwedge has progressed in the industry with the technological advancement for the forecast of sales. It has processed with following services in the company.

Sales Planning

By using desktop applications, Steelwedge has been able to make the connection between the Sales and Operation Planning (S&OP) to the Sales Force and ERP systems. It includes email and excel to develop the best planning through their integration processes. Moreover, Steelwedge supports companies in order to enhance the finance as well as operational performance.

Sales Forecast

Integrated Business Planning and Executive S&OP

An effective planning involves all levels of buy–in from its client. The Integrated Business Planning (IBP) and Sales & Operations Planning (IPB) inline all the data with the collaboration of the all relevant departments in order to generate an appropriate forecast.

Sales and Operation Planning

Demand Planning

The appropriate demand forecast can provide resources through various sources of data. In order to generate the approximate planning for demand, it is necessary to analyze all the factors and departments collaboratively since a system gets interacted in order to reach all the departments in collaboration. Hence, the communication channels allow information–sharing to the relevant departments. Instead of the complete source of data gathered at a place, the company emphasizes on the maximization of the communication and the data flow. Moreover, it is beneficial for the company to quickly amend the data retrieval as it accurately delivers the outcomes for the forecast of the demand as well as the supply........................

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