Spy Store surveillance.com Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Spy Store surveillance.com Case Solution

Tracking Devices

Our most advanced, long life, innovative and extended battery tracking devices allow the users to stay fully in touch with the attached devices. These devices include real-time GPS and Flashback data loggers, which enable the user to stay tracked with every movement of those devices to whom the tracking devices has been attached. Our extended battery tracking solutions solve the problem to recharge the devices again and again. Moreover, the devices which are recommended for vehicles are completely waterproof, therefore the user doesn't have to worry about its efficiency. Nowadays, battery timings and product quality have become a significant issue while purchasing with Spy Store Surveillance, the users don’t have to worry about it. However, high prices are also frustrating customers, but our devices are starting from only $129.

Video Device

To record and capture events undetected, our video devices are the most convenient solution since our high definition (HD) recording devices are capable of recording the environment out of sight and out of mind. Our cameras cannot be detected because they have been designed in the shape of daily usage Accessories such as Coffee Cups, Wall clocks, Air Fresheners, plants, and glasses. People will be unable to find that they are under surveillance just because of our devices’ design. All of our devices will give more value to the users since all of our devices are just under $500. However, long lasting battery and on the go video recording also allow law enforcing agencies to keep their work on the track without being detected.

PC Devices

Spy Store’s PC solution allow the customers to recover their data which was accidental, unintentionally or intentionally deleted from their computers. Our devices consist of flash drives which can recover their data from PC. These devices are also capable of recovering the deleted data and are also capable of syncing it from smartphones and other devices. Moreover, users are getting frustrated to share and manage data from their MacBook’s and iPhones, however, now the problem has been solved since our PC devices can also sync the data from MacBook and iPhones. Our devices can also recover data from Apple’s devices on real time basis. The users of our devices don’t have to worry about their cost because they are ranging from $99 only.

Audio Devices

Our high-quality audio devices allow the customers to use a superior quality sound amplification at a reasonable price as these devices have a suitable price range starting from $35 only. Our audio devices can be directly mounted to binoculars, which will allow the beneficiary to perform the dual task at the same time. However, keeping audio devices is a significant issue because of their big size, but now the customers don’t have to worry about carry the device since our devices can be easily attached to pocket or belt. Moreover, our clients can directly connect these devices to tape recording systems instead of a computer or another device; this feature increases the convenience for our consumers. Our devices have been designed to keep an eye on the required activities with a spy approach. ..................

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