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Established in Vancouver by three “University of British Columbia ”graduates : Ruffian Apparel primarily sells both brand name as well extrusive men's apparel,sincethecompany’sinceptionin1974.RuffianApparelhadslowlyexpandedthroughoutWesternCanadatoapointwhereitexpanded in 68 location- sand employed over 1,200 people. In British Columbia one, Ruffian Apparel had 19 locations,the majority of which were in Vancouver and the surrounding-area.

Situational Overview

On July 1st, 2007, the newly hired regional manager of Ruffian Apparel encountered a problem, which was that with back-to-school rush fast approach; it seemed critical to get the Kelowna store back on track. The store was being operated with out any capable store manager for several months, making the sales figures far from optimal. In the interim, Ruffian Kelowna was being operated by an inexperienced full-time employee, who was granted with the store manager’s status and was given the responsibility to deal with a significant staff shortage. It was clear to Evans that this store needed major help. With his own performance evaluation and compensation tied to the success of the stores in his region; Evans needed those Kelowna sales figures to go up, as soon as they possibly could.

Critical issues

Facing issues in recruiting the store manager

HiringastoremanagerforRuffianKelownawasthepriority.Whereandhowhewouldfindsomeone,remained a problem. It was common for Ruffian Apparel to simply promote an assistant manager, but in this case,it was not going to work. Looking at the current staff,it was evident that few-options were still existing, and the experience of there manning employee was limited.

Recent turnover of store managers in Kelowna had left store with huge staffing issue

Recently as the store manager had left,which had further made the staffing issues complicated in the company. The company was left with few employees which were also inexperienced and under-skilled, ultimately impacting the sales and the overall financial position of the company.

 Inexperienced Staff

An inexperienced-staff,part-time vacancies,nonresistant,absence of store manager and an over worked full-time/interdenominational,represented a hos to fissures that in a combination,appeared to the store' slow sales numbers and under performance

Ruffian apparel pay level was low compared to similar positions at other companies

Ruffian Apparel pays averages salaries to the workers as compared to the other companies.

Decreasing in sales

With an inexperienced employee and the absence of an actual store manager;the sales were increasingly plummeting.In the interim, Ruffian Kelowna was being operated by an inexperienced full-time employee, who was granted with the status of the store manager status and was given the responsibility of dealing with a significant staff shortage.

Priority Issue

The first critical issue is Ruffian Kelowna’s need of a new store manager to take over the temporarily administrated store which was being operated without a capable store manager for several months, making it critical for Kelowna to get the store back on the track of having an sales and generating improved results, helping the company to regain its strength as well as its efficiency in order to overcome its floundering situation.

Potential Solutions

Three possible alternatives are generated, which involve an increase in salary, increased employees’ benefits and better hiring process, which includes hiring the employees on trial basis rather than a direct screening, and providing formal training to employees, setting their goals and tasks deadlines, linking rewards to targets’ achievement. The increase in salary will help the firm in attracting an experienced staff, which will increase the employees’ satisfaction, motivation and commitment towards the organization.  However, the financial costs of the firms will increase as the company’s profitability is already low, and the old employees will also demand greater salary packages. By increasing the employees’ additional benefits; the company could make the employees motivated, satisfied and committed towards the organization, but the same alternative can increase the financial costs, as the company will be contributing more to the funds that involve taxes on earned income. The third alternative will make the employees skilled as there will be a proper check and balance. The employees will be satisfied and motivated towards achieving their goals as they are attached to rewards. The cost involves the training cost only.

Proposed Solution

The proposed solution as per analysis, is focused on improving the recruitment process of the company, as it does not have enough number of employees to manage its stores, and adding much to the company’s troubles is the fact that its current employees are inexperienced. So, by hiring employees on a trial basis, the company can save its costs, and by providing formal training session; the company can make the employees more skilled. Through setting-employees’ goals and tasks in relation to awards; the company can boost its sales and the profitability figures.


Priory, the hiring process will be carried out, but on a trial basis rather than a direct screening. Afterwards, the HR team will look at the resources that are required for providing trainings to the hired staff, then formal training sessions will be conducted and the goals as well as the tasks will be communicated to the staff, clearly, along with rewards given on milestones’ achievement. After the specified deadlines, the effectiveness of the training session and the employees’ performance will be measured, and the employees will be given rewards on the basis of their achievements, and termination may also occur if any employee fails to work properly. Conclusively, feedback will be taken from the employees on their job’s satisfaction, which will further help in boosting the company’s sales.................

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