Southwest Airlines Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

D’Aveni’s 7s Framework

D'Aveni's 7s system is a key approach that may be utilized to regulate a firm in a high speed or hypercompetitive markets. It is intended to empower firms to maintain the force of their intensity through an arrangement of activities that are ready to give provisional favorable circumstances as opposed to simply organize the firm to accomplish inward or outside fit for keeping up balance that is intended to support unsustainable competitive advantages. D'Aveni's 7s framework with respect to Southwest is discussed below:

Stakeholder Satisfaction

Southwest Airlines' mission centers to a huge degree on client administration and employee duty. In numerous regards, the vision that differentiates Southwest Airlines from a large portion of its rivals is the degree to which it is characterized by an exceptional association with pride in its employees.

The airline's objective is to convey an essential administration proficiently. This interprets into various essential targets. A focal mainstay of its approach is to give sheltered, low price transportation in conjunction with greatest client comfort. The airline gives a high recurrence of flights with reliable on-time takeoffs and entries. Southwest's employees likewise try to make this thing administration a "fun" experience. Playing recreations is energized, for example, "figure the weight of the door executor".

Strategic Soothsaying

Southwest Airlines is following a Low Fare/No Frills strategy. Notwithstanding, its size and essentialness have headed most investigators to consider it to be one of the major airlines regardless of its fit in the no-frill category.

Southwest Airlines’ methodology to client administration is one of its center procedures. Its "Positively Outrageous Service" (POS) is unique in relation to the client administration connected with other airlines. This methodology to administration powers off Southwest's exceptional association with its employees. Be that as it may, this stellar client administration does exclude costly civilities like food service or reserved seats, and just offers exceptionally restricted programmed baggage re-checking. By stressing flight recurrence and on-time execution, Southwest has reclassified the idea of value air administration. This uncommon methodology has permitted Southwest to separate its administration while keeping up its cost authority procedure.


Southwest operates the least cost major airline. The airline concocted various clever stratagems to attain this ease structure. Additionally, by taking after a point-to-point system, Southwest does not need to arrange flight plans into interfacing hubs and spokes, which significantly lessens planning unpredictability and costs.

Southwest buys or leases gates at airports instead of renting the gates of different airlines, which empowers the airline to utilize it ground groups. Southwest does not offer associations with different airlines, which streamlines its ground operations.

Shifting values of the market

At its initiation, Southwest gained up market visibility and rustled up more travelers, it chose to accomplish more than simply ads, it chose to have flight ladies dress in beautiful hot pants and white knee high boots with high heels. A second alluring movement was to give travelers free alcoholic refreshments throughout daytime flights. Southwest's frequent flyer program with rapid rewards was focused around outings flown instead of mileage. Rapid rewards clients accepted one credit for every restricted outing flown and could additionally procure credits for each one-way trip flown and could likewise gain credits by utilizing the administrations of Southwest's auto rental inn and credit accomplices.


Southwest has the easiest fleet piece among the major airlines. The organization just flies Boeing 737 planes and has resolved to fly the 737 only through 2004. In picking the fuel effective 737, Southwest created a nearby association with Boeing that empowered it to create relatively good buy terms. Although, Southwest flies various model varieties of the 737, still the cockpits of the whole fleet are institutionalized.

Southwest additionally controls costs through its disentangled admission structure. While Southwest's major rivals have complex toll structures and utilization workstations along with manmade brainpower projects to expand traveler incomes. In addition, Southwest offers no exceptional business or top notch seating.

As a surprise to its competitors, Southwest has acquired AirTran in September 2010 and has entered into Atlanta market and will now be able to translate additional 2 million passengers annually.


Maybe a standout amongst the kindest parts of Southwest's procedure is the degree to which it has utilized its special culture as a major vital weapon.

At the point when competitors and outside observers portray Southwest, they have a tendency to concentrate on its cultural attributes. Herb Kelleher has made an improvement and support culture as one of his essential obligations. The culture penetrates the whole organization and sends clear signs about the conduct expected at Southwest.........................................

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