South Koreas High-Speed Internet Industry Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

High-speed Internet industry has been one of the fastest growing and fastest growing industries in the Republic of Korea. From the first telephone-based high-speed Internet services in 1996 to a hybrid coaxial fiber to an asymmetric DSL at the end of 1999, access speeds made available to end users jumped from 128 kilobits per second to 10 megabits per second. By the year 2008, and available services have also evolved from a pure Internet access to Triple-Play service, which included IPTV, high-speed Internet and telephone services. Similarly, players in the industry include telecommunications companies from the early days, as well as new players, such as system operators ("SO") and several operators of the system ("MSOs"). With new technologies and services appearing at breakneck speed in the face of competition has been constantly evolving. "Hide
on Bowon Kim, Sanghyung An, Chulsoon park Source: University of Hong Kong, 30 pages. Publication date: April 02, 2009. Prod. #: HKU821-PDF-ENG

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South Koreas High-Speed Internet Industry

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