Sophis Networks and Encryption Export Controls (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


Vice president of network security products with a group of complex relations with the government has spent the last two and a half years of working closely with Congress and the Clinton administration to relax U.S. export restrictions on encryption products (because export restrictions meant lost sales of U.S. companies such as complexity, and customers outside the U.S. demanded products with the highest level of encryption available.) However, President Clinton promised to veto a bill called the Security and Freedom through Encryption Act (SAFE), which was to weaken the U.S. export restrictions. Vice President and Group for Relations with the government in a complex required for the development of “non-market” strategy and implementation plan to relax export control encryption. “Hide
by David P. Baron, Victoria Chang Source: Stanford Graduate School of Business 16 pages. Publication Date: November 27, 2000. Prod. #: P34A-PDF-ENG

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Sophis Networks and Encryption Export Controls (A)