One of the ways for the organization to capitalize in this market as to create a brand name with heavy marketing on the use of the word “ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE” as this will create a perspective of a new and enhanced technology in the eyes of the end user. This will create the organization’s presence, prestige, and market size. This will create the differentiation strategy as sought out by the organization and can create the step on they needed to enter the local and the global market in the future.

Another differentiation which the organization can counter, is the altogether differentiation of no individual is the same baseline category, which will enhance the consumer perspective further, that the designing is done specially to achieve results. Both of the co-owners are well educated beings and are highly confident in their approach to the software. Spain testing is a good start, but strategies have to be implemented that SPAIN is considered as a beta test market which needs to be successful to ensure a global approach program by Smartick.

When we consider the IT Industry globally, the 2018 year is considered at high growth rate and the sector is at boom from last 5-6 years and industry is considered at 5% growth for the near future projections. (Sallomi, 2018)

CompTIA’s consensus forecast projects growth of 5.0 percent across the global tech sector in 2018; and, if everything falls into place, the upside of the forecast could push growth into the 7 percent-plus range. According to IDC, global information technology spending will top $4.8 trillion in 2018, with the U.S. accounting for approximately $1.5 trillion of the market. (COMPTIA, 2018)


For entering the market, the organization has sought up 3 alternatives which will be evaluated in this part of the report.

Alternative 1: Direct Sales Approach

This options was also considered as a direct B2B approach, with the sales team directly approaching different schools of the country and try to sell the product of the organization. As the school authorities have a positive take on the assistance of software, they will be approachable by the sales staff easily and will be allowed to pitch the product.

As the B2B industry, the price set is not confirmed and set and the organization can greatly enhance their profits and revenue by overselling on the applications and differentiation characteristics of the software.

Alternative 2: B2B and B2C Combined Approach

As the industry is a twofold with the schools being the B2b aspect, and the end user being the B2c aspect; this option will focus both sides of the industry.

As the “Khan Academy” has a b2C aspect which is an indirect medium available to the end user. The B2B category can be used to directly focus the schools and other education providers to enhance the cognitive thought process. This option will involve a social aspect with new hires and added revenue expenditure to the organization.

Though this will also enhance the clientele of the organization with a sales team, which has grounds on both the workings. One 2 one end consumer, and a direct approach to the school’s administration units.

Alternative 3: The Parent Approach

The 3rd option available to the organization is the direct Approach to the Consumer market which involve creation a Customer Support Department, which will consider all aspects of the organization with client processing to approaching and seducing. This will consider that the organization does not involve in the b2b market at all, and only would require to pursue with all force towards the end users.

The explaining of the “Artificial Intelligence” to the layman is kind of exhaustive and it requires time and resources, further- as the market is big, the organization’s target in this aspect would be to cater 1 client in every 1000 people marketed. This sounds beneficial but the resources to be implied is against the strategic position of the organization.


After evaluating all the 3 options available to the organization, the recommended strategy to the organization is “ALTERNATIVE 2: B2B and B2C COMBINED FOCUS”.

There are heavy reasons to go with this option with one of being made to cater to the demands of both the markets. As it is mentioned in the case that due to less barriers, the B2B and B2C product is considered similar in a lot of aspects and is marketed on the same grounds.

This can be used as a differentiation point for the organization, as they are coming with a new product. They can amend the characteristics with a focus on the individual development in the end user area, while a more group approach can be focused on the school indulged software. As the owners are well versed in their fields, they can use this idea with little changes to the end product statistical reports being generated.

Further, this will help the organization in creating pricing strategies which are different for both the products. As the organization is new, in a relatively high growing market. Prices should be kept low for the B2B per child as to create and enhance their market share, and a competitive pricing approach can be used for the B2C client. Another way of pricing can be used, such as being used by Netflix of one month free testing phase available, this will enhance the product usage and demand for the future.

The first and the third options are being rejected, for the first option to have limited marketing opportunities and limited client areas, while the third option is not suitable for the organization in the current scenario. The third scenario will be applicable, once the organization has created its position in the local market, and extension is needed for the global market...........


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