SinYi Corporation Expansion Strategy in China Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

President Sinyi Group (Sinyi) considered various ways to grow their highly successful Taiwanese real estate company in the Mainland China market. Sinyi originally opened branch management company, but in order to expand rapidly in 1999, he won the first Coldwell Banker franchise in a joint Sinyi / Coldwell brand. But the growth of the company Sinyi management and franchise branches in China is still slow. He is considering whether it should create a new company to run the franchise business exclusively with Coldwell brand and retain the brand to Sinyi owned subsidiaries. This new approach will require a revision of the agreement with Coldwell Banker, which the president would need to assess. "Hide
by James E. Hatch, Mia TWU Source: Richard Ivey School of Business Foundation 10 pages. Publication Date: 09 May 2012. Prod. #: W12005-PDF-ENG

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SinYi Corporation Expansion Strategy in China

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