Shenzhen Filtroil: Finding Balance Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Jeremy Leahman, president Filtroil, Inc, and Albert Randolph, founder of the company, were partnerships with suppliers in China to ramp up production of its China-based filtration system and start a new venture zinc alloy. They opened a new plant in Dongwan, which was a merger Shenzhen Filtroil and their suppliers, Liu Li-whose own factory was on the verge of bankruptcy. Liu will own 10% of the combined factory and Shenzhen Filtroil will own the rest and buy all the necessary equipment. Two enterprises filter and zinc will work under one roof. A year Leahman was on a plane headed to China to clarify the issue with Liu, who demanded monthly raise for himself and his wife, the new car company, and increase profits. He also threatened to delay the shipment of products to the United States if its conditions were not met. Qian Kai Nam (Qian) and Shi Kai Young (Thomas), who ran the Shenzhen Filtroil and were zinc Partnership believes that the behavior of Liu put all business relationships at risk. The case shows the options Leahman could take control of the situation. The fact is suitable for use in organizational behavior, human resource management and employment strategy in MBA and Executive Education levels. The material can be used to illustrate the problems of the American company changes in global competitor. "Hide
by Lynn Isabella, Gerry Yemen Source: Darden School of Business 10 pages. Publication Date: January 26, 2010. Prod. #: UV4293-PDF-ENG

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Shenzhen Filtroil: Finding Balance

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