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One of the most significant concept used in the research journal by Lisa Bowleg was the encountering intersectionality among the black lesbian around the world. To them, one’s identity in the world as a black lesbian is said to be the meaningful whole. Further, she described that it is not something a mere addition of ethnicity, sex, gender or sexual orientation. In this paper, the author found and focus on the methodological challenges of conducting intersectionality research by means of using a mixture of qualitative, as well as quantitative approach.  The reason behind studying black lesbian women for this topic was that the living style and life experiences of black lesbians are rooted in structural inequalities that is heavily backed on the intersection of sexual orientation, ethnicity, gender, sex and race. The main focus of the paper was based on examining and exploring the experiences that has been faced by a black lesbians related to multiple minority stress and resilience that was relevant to the intersections of race, sexual orientation and sex for the black lesbians. Many of the researchers believed that the inequality in a society increases with the addition of variables. For instance, a black lesbian face more social inequality than a lesbian woman. Moreover, there has been a serious threat found related to the health of minority individuals that are lesbians, gay, transgender and transsexuals. There are a few data available regarding health related issues among them (Thompson & Becky, 2002).

Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes:

The research has shown that mothers that are foreign born are the ones who shows better outcomes in terms of pregnancy than their US-born counterparts. Studies have shown that there is a lot of social inequalities exist in the health sector, and there are countries who focus on fewer racial groups. The primary scope of this topic was to examine and understand the differences that a US-born and Foreign-born mothers faced during her pregnancy. Further, another purpose of the study is to find out the outcomes of adverse pregnancies, which are less weight of the child, infant mortality and preterm birth. Further, another purpose of the study was to examine whether these differences exist or not. And if they exist, then how much it varies among various ethnic and racial groups.

In order to study that, dependent variable that has been chosen were low birth weight, infant mortality, and preterm birth. The findings of concluding that the foreign-born immigrant status is associated with a substantially reduced risk less weight at the time of birth and infant mortality of the total population in general. In addition, there was no such difference found in the risk of Preterm birth existed between the foreign born and US-born women. (MS, 2009)

When Black + Lesbian + Woman ≠ Black Lesbian Woman: The Methodological Challenges of Qualitative and Quantitative Intersectionality Research

According to (Crenshaw, 1989), Intersectionality is a concept or theory that is highly related to feminism and is based on the study of sociology and partially related to psychology as well. In the concept of intersectionality, the relationships with respect to various dimensions along with modalities of social connections has been discussed and analyzed. McCall, 2005 has stated that one can see intersectionality in one of the two ways. First, intersectionality can be seen as individual’s viewpoint about intersections exist among the individuals that hold various positions in terms of race, class and gender.

Second, intersectionality can be seen as a way to find out the discrepancies that exist and the individuals that are suffering from them the most.  Whilst studying researches about black lesbian women, researchers have to bear the responsibility of interpreting data within the socio-historical and a structure inequality context. Often, it has been observed that the main dependent variable is highly dependent on race, class or gender and it has been concluded by the investors found that the difference can be explained by race, class, or gender even though they measured no meaningful constructs relevant to the race.

Social Determinants of Racial/Ethnic Health Disparities in Children and Adolescents

It has been a stated fact that there are many individuals who are in the minority in terms of race and ethnic groups and does not have a facility for a rewarding and healthy life. The article discusses the level of discrepancies that may act as a social determinant and have a direct or indirect effect on child and adolescent health. The time has gone when the blame has been put completely on individuals and rely on programs in the hope to decrease the negative consequences of these discrepancies. In the United States, there is a substantial amount of ethnic and racial differences exists even today.

The concept of discrepancies in terms of health is a global phenomenon that has been faced by various countries....................

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