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Saxonville Sausage, a $1.5 billion maker of pork sausage products, is understanding financial pressure because its leading product lines have recently generated declining revenues in product groups that are realizing no growth. Nevertheless, one product line, an Italian sausage product labelled Vivio, has recently knowledgeable a noteworthy increase in revenues, as has the complete Italian sausage category nationwide. Sadly, Vivio represents only 5% of the total revenues of the firm. Ann Banks, a seasoned marketing manager, has been hired to enlarge Vivio, currently dispersed in several cities, particularly in the northeastern U.S, into a powerful national brand. The sequence of steps Ann takes to discover the best positioning for the brand. These steps include assessing and employing specific techniques for researching customers' needs, preferences, and worth; using the knowledge from study to develop a motivation-centered depiction of the objective consumer; arousing tactical thoughts from a cross-departmental team of coworkers for product "alterations," packaging, and other contributory elements in the branding program; and finally, selecting between two positionings that seem equally valid.

Saxonville Sausage, Spanish Version case study solution


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Saxonville Sausage, Spanish Version

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