Richardson County Community Association Vignettes Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Richardson County Community Association Vignettes Case Solution

In the 2nd vignette, Jones gets a $1 million stock contribution from a respected donor, Leo Farnand, who asks her to hold the stock till the recently-announced sale of his business is total. Jones and the board accept make an exemption to the business policy offered the size of the contribution and hold the stock. Nevertheless, after hold-ups in the sale, Jones chooses she should offer the stock versus Farnand's desires. The vignette ends with Jones getting ready for exactly what will certainly be an undesirable discussion with among RCCA's biggest donors.

Knowing Objective

The knowing goal of the case is to assist trainees, in the function of CEO or supervisor, get ready for and practice hard discussions with crucial stakeholders where they typically need to provide undesirable or undesirable info. The trainees should make essential choices around tone, material, setting, and speaking vs. paying attention to help them assist the discussion to the very best result.

Mary Jones was the CEO of the Richardson County Community Association (RCCA), a not-for-profit with properties of $250 million and yearly grants amounting to $50 million to philanthropic companies in Richardson County, Colorado. As CEO of RCCA, Jones engaged personally with over 250 donors annually. She explained her task as mostly among relationship management, and sometimes, those relationships might show difficult. In the RCCA Vignettes, Jones's very first tight spot handles her board member, David Jacobs, who just recently represented board chair. Jacobs had actually started to designate the RCCA personnel his own little jobs and, after making his "rounds," he would take a seat in Jones's workplace, anticipating her to drop whatever she was performing in order to engage with him. Jones would have to discover a method to diplomatically yet efficiently communicate her sensations about Jacobs's habits.

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