Revising Electricity Tariffs in Brazil Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

This case is before the dilemma of the Brazilian electricity regulator beyond rationing power. Brazil privatized about 65 percent of the distribution companies (discos) in 1990, but companies have been hit hard financially, first, the drop in rates, then the supply of crisis that forced the government to require consumers to reduce their consumption by 20 percent. Case is pending discussion in the Brazilian regulator, ANEEL, to issue a significant increase in the rates for the disco in a time of economic crisis. It also addresses a number of key regulatory issues: How to calculate the value of the asset base of regulated firms, regulated firms if compensation for changes in exchange rates? Similar problems to regulators in other sectors and in other countries, so that the lessons learned in this case can be transferred. HKS Case Number 1826.0 "Hide
by Henry Lee, Sunil Tankha 25 pages. Publication Date: February 21, 2006. Prod. #: HKS182-PDF-ENG

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Revising Electricity Tariffs in Brazil

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