The purpose of this case study is to identify and analyze the problems associated with the working environment of the workplace and highlight the reasons and lessons from these problems. I work as an operations manager at a retail branch of the Bank of Montreal, which is also known as the BMO. It is one of the oldest banks in the history of the country as its foundations were laid roughly two centuries ago by John Richardson along with his few accomplices. Today it is one of the most expanded banks in the history of the country due to its expansion in the domestic as well as the overseas markets globally.

This expansion is solely due to the appropriate and positive decisions of the historical management of the organization, who have led the bank in the past. The bank operates roughly over 900 branches in the country and facilitates almost 7.5 million customers in the country.

Although the bank is one of the top five performers in the banking industry however, the performance of the bank is on the decline currently due to various reasons. The most critical among all is the unhealthy environment for the employee`s and staff at all the branches of the organization. The employees and staff members at the branches of the bank are severely stressed and de-motivated due to the lack of benefits and the work pressure at the branches of the company.

These issues and problems that the employees of the company are facing have created challenges and barriers in the performance of the company and it is also suffering. The lack in the focus of the management of the organization and their short-term priorities have further deepened the crisis as their focus is on the short-term monetary benefits of the company rather than looking after long term plans of the organization. Due to the priority of the management of the organization and the stakeholders in pursuing the short-term interests for the business, the employees and staff members of the organization feel ignored and dejected.


The employees and the staff members of the Bank of Montreal are facing immense issues at the branches of the company and it is influencing their individual performances and the performance of the organization as a whole. These issues are spreading and increasing the de-motivation among the employees of the company and they are worried about their careers and future specifically. Resolving these issues should be the top most priority of the management of the company and the shareholders who own the company as they are directly affecting the performance of the business and resulting in the loss and dis-satisfaction of the clients and customers.


The leadership and their priorities are most significant in the success and prosperity of a company as they serve as the navigation guide for the company. The synergy between the stakeholders of the company and the management of the business is necessary for the company to develop and perform well because the policies and strategies of the leadership of the company are a centerpiece of its activities.

The management and the shareholders of the company have failed to perform in this category as they have given priority to the short-term gains in terms of more profits and share prices of the company over the long term prosperity that it could achieve. Although the company has to go under short-term pains such as less margins and lower market share however, it serves the company well if it rises gradually and calculated as all the factors including the environment of the workplace of the organization and the benefits for the staff members and employees are properly looked after and protected..........................

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