Relationship between Supply Chain and Marketing Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The relationship of Supply Chain and Supply Chain managementhas become an increasinglyimportant aspect of the businesses in thecurrent era.The term Supply Chain in business wasinitiallycoined in 1980s in an attemptto improve the business efficiency and effectiveness, thus enhancing the overall productivity and performance of the business.
From the inception, the supply chainand supply chain management focused on the business activities such as procurementssourcing, movement of productthrough one place to another, logisticsand other functions in order to improvise the efficiency of the business in the market.Under the recent perspective (SCOR), organizations have started to expand the role of supply chain within the operation and function such as detailing of the Supply and Demand management, collaboration between different players within the business through sourcing and procuring, manufacturing and also distributing in an efficient manner as to improve the cooperation and reduce the overall cost and backlogs incorporated in the business chain.
Such planning and sourcing from the SCOR model provides an effective result which allow the management to improve the production and marketability of better products and also managing customer insights accordingly; leading to better a launched plan and new product development.
According to Supply chain council, the supply chain management includes the activities such as management, planning, procuring, and logistics and most importantly the coordination amongdifferentplayers in the same business from suppliers to the end retailers.In addition to this, it also includes the coordination between the intermediaries, suppliers and theretailers and alsoimproves the chain by cutting the number of layersin the chain to improvise the efficiency and reduce the costs.

Relationship between Supply Chain and Marketing Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Lastly, supply chain management integrates thefunctions between differentcompanies in order to manage the demand andsupplyalso to maintain the cost ratio over the returns generated,such integration allows it to make function streamlined, leading to better management of the overall business roles.
As it has been suggested that supply chain and supply chain management is somehow related or coincides with the marketingand marketing management, since both includes the core aspect of maintaining and targeting the supply and demand, it can be assessed that these two disciplines are somehow related to each other within the business settings.
According to ( (Mentzer, ‚ÄČ2009)), it hasbeen developed that there are certaincommonalitiesbetween the two disciplines ofbusiness that allowsthe organization to develop an integrated strategy so to tapthemarket opportunity.For example, developing the certain units of the product after the brand advertisement or promotional activitymight include the supplychain function to increase the production, demanding increased supply of raw material and other components of the products along with the logistic support.
Also, the scholars from SCM alsodeveloped the understanding that SCM has attained huge benefits from themarketing function and findings.Such can be seen from the marketing efforts and of developing thePR relationshipwith different supplies and distributors in order to smoothen the overall supply chain and also to improvise the production (New, 2010)......................

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