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In the period after the Second World War, the countries of the industrialized world are engaged in an unprecedented tour of institutions through which the historical barriers to international trade, especially tariffs, fell down. GATT has changed the environment in world trade to such an extent that the flow of international trade exploded. Even now, when the world trade has become more integrated, however, a second round of institutions, regional, rather than global, left. The most recent and largest of the major regional institutions, NAFTA, was signed on 17 December 1992 and entered into force in early 1994. This case is the effect of this radical new institutional context at three different firms, each of which represents a different industry and country. "Hide
by Elizabeth B. Stein, Debora L. Spar Source: Harvard Business School 14 pages. Publication Date: October 29, 1996. Prod. #: 797013-PDF-ENG

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Regarding NAFTA

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