Recorded Future: Searching the Web for Alpha Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Recorded Future was a software company that aims to aggregate information on the Internet so that the proposed new and valuable information. Funded by Google and In-Q-Tel, the venture capital wing of the CIA, the records future gave people the tools to not only derive meaning from the Internet, but also to make predictions about future events, ranging from terrorist attacks to corporate product releases. The case presented investment solutions portfolio manager, Andrew Fisher of LXE Capital, is considering investing on the basis of the ideas are taken from the software interface Recorded Future. The case asks students to deal with a new source of investment data to evaluate the reliability of the back-tested strategies for the portfolio, and to reflect on how best to use the data for purposes of the "alpha" (positive risk-adjusted return) in investment. "Hide
by Christopher Malloy Source: Harvard Business School 16 pages. Publication Date: December 5, 2011. Prod. #: 212057-PDF-ENG

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Recorded Future: Searching the Web for Alpha

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