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Abstract: The previous studies have shown positive relationship between “A” blood group and ovarian cancer. The purpose of this study is to identify the main determinants of cancer and their correlation with the occurrence of cancer. The sample of 200 was taken out of which 155 responses were collected accurately. Therefore, this study is based on 155 sample size and data was collected through circulating questionnaires among the respondents. Moreover, some facts of the US data is also mentioned in this study. The results of this study are consistent with previous studies. There was 80% correlation between the A group and cancer. The survival rate of cancer patients is increasing because of scientific advancement in research field. Women could survive if they become aware about their disease on time or at earlier stages. Therefore, women should be aware about the symptoms like abdominal pain, vaginal over bleeding, and abnormal/irregular periods.


Ovarian cancer is the seventh most fatal disease which is the cause of the death of women worldwide and specifically in the U.S. it is considered as the 5th most recurring cause of the death of women. There are several reasons behind this fatal disease and among those few are still verified and confirmed by the researchers/scientist.Moreover,90% of all ovarian cancer patients are epithelial. Epithelial ovarian cancer (EOC) implies, the cancer began in the surface layer covering the ovary. There are different types of epithelial cancers of the ovary such as Serous, clear cell, mutinous, undifferentiated, and endometriosis. The two third of the cases of ovarian cancer consists of serous epithelial cancer. Specialists are now considering that most high review serous ovarian cancers really begin in cells at the furthest end of the Fallopian tube, instead of the surface of the ovary. Moreover, 10% of the cancer patients are unclassified. In this state, the cells of the patients are undeveloped, which is why it becomes hard to determine which cell has caused the cancer.

After extensive research on ABO blood groups, the researchers have concluded that the ovarian cancer is likely to be occurred more in A group women as compared to O blood group. Moreover, the report of nurses’ health study has concluded that ovarian cancer likely to be happened in B allele group women relative to others. (Poole, 2012.)

The research conducted in OCAC (Ovarian cancer association consortium) has observed that the increased risk of ovarian cancer is mostly found in A blood type women. Ovarian cancer begins in ovaries (ovaries are a reproductive glands which are only found in females), and it produces eggs for the reproduction system. The egg walks through the fallopian tubes to the Uterus (a place where egg develops and implants into fetus). Their ovaries are made up from three types of cell and each kind of cell can form into the separate type of tumor.

The risk factors behind the ovarian cancer such as exposure to deep sunlight can be the cause of skin cancer and similarly, there are some reasons which lead to the ovarian cancer. Among those one of the factors is age. The ovarian cancer is less likely to be founded in younger women. The women who are above 60 are most likely to be affected by ovarian cancer. Most of the cancer cases are found after the menopause and in women whose age is 63 or older. (society, 2016)

The other cause of ovarian cancer is obesity; the women with at least 30 body mass index have the highest risk of developing ovarian cancer. Moreover, the reproductive history of women also determines the risk of occurrence of ovarian cancer. The women who become pregnant at the age before 26, then  there are lower chances of ovarian cancer as compared to women became late pregnant.................

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