Learning Teams: Shrinking to Fit (B) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Teams often collapse over the individual issues. This case is such a collapse in the context of team teaching students MBA. Students can study individual differences, analytical strategies and gender, ethnicity, race issues. Joanne Moyer, MBA student encounter the first year exams, seeking and conflict about what she perceives as a personality conflict between its team members. In the case shows that the team actually has questions about the process of learning a framework and many of the problems the team revolve around the issue, not personalities. The business world requires people to work together successfully, and well-trained team learned how to grow the necessary skills to do so. See also the case (UV3266). "Hide
by James G. Clawson, Gerry Yemen, Sondra Nightingale Source: Darden School of Business 1 pages. Publication Date: February 26, 2005. Prod. #: UV3267-PDF-ENG

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Learning Teams: Shrinking to Fit (B)

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