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Mini-Case III: Eureka

 Problem 2

The companies are offering 100 Base T-Network and Wi-Fi Network. Most of the clients are deal through phone cal and by doing research on website Eureka. Therefore the employees need the superior speed of the internet in order to deal with the clients more appropriately and timely and it is expected that any interruption in the internet and slower response could affect the company’s image and its profit by losing customers.

 Therefore built-in Ethernet or 100 Base T-Network is the recommended option although it is expensive than Wi-Fi network to install but it is available on lease and will not put pressure on the capital requirements of the company. in addition to this it is expected that a wired Ethernet will provide superior network performance and more reliable while on the other hand the performance of a physical network medium, such as Wi-Fi usually does not attain its theoretical maximum speed in daily use.

Although Wi-Fi is very convenient, but it does not match the speed and reliability of wired Ethernet. And using the same internet through Wi-Fi network will surely affect the speed of the internet which ultimately will affect the performance of the company therefore the recommended option is 100 Base T-Network.


TCP /IP is termed as a set of protocol which defines the computer the characteristics to be involved in the process of transforming the alphabetical language in the binary computer programming language. The DNS cache is an electronic device integrated in the programming of the computer which replicates the process of the company’s operation in the programming language of the computer.

There are commanding softwares in which the data to be commanded is integrated. The data is then processed through a number of commands involves various system at6ic commands which involves the use of DNS server and other networking operations.

The commands of the computer would then allow the user of the computer to obtain the desired results efficiently and effectively. Thus, the programmer should use the TCP IP protocol instead of other protocols in order to obtain effective results.Problem Solution Case Solution


In order to get maximum credit risk and effective results, the net worker should appropriately use the deliverable in the efficient and effective manner. The user of the programming should effectively use all the DNS cache information in the programming of the data. This would allow the user of the programmer to ensure the maximum credit risk.........................

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