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Move in-house versus outsourcing

Move in-house includes creating a team from within the organization for the purpose of managing a portion of business. Outsourcing includes hiring an outside consultant, service provider, or agency to manage a portion of business. Platinum move in-house versus outsourcing the job to a specialist company can be seen in the light of Principles of Project Management as follows:

Systematic and integrative planning

Creating a team within the organization would enable a much more specialized and focused work as compared to outsourcing, which would require the staff to develop an understanding of Platinum. It will not allow systematic and integrative planning because Platinum will not be able to fully control the outsource resources, as compared to the moving in-house in which it will be able to fully control and utilize its resources as per its requirements.

Timely decisions

Timely decisions will not be easily tackled while outsourcing the job, which can be adjusted to uncertainty in the case of moving in-house as issues, can be quickly addressed and resolved.

Risks Involved

Outsourcing the job would help in the transfer of risk because outsourcing would work as a separate entity and any risks related to the work would be dealt by that company. However, moving in-house would help in mitigating and absorbing those risks.



Success is depended on the teamwork that is the vital ingredient for the success of an organization, outsourcing the job will not promote teamwork between the employees whereas in moving in-house, individuals in a decision-making role will be available as a team-mate and not just a leader and so the employees will bring up problems as soon as they occurred, which will result in avoiding these problems in future.

Overlapping phases

Moving in-house would allow the managers to cater the overlapping phases as they would have more flexibility in utilizing the resources as compared to the job being outsourced.

Simple procedures

Procedures can be much simpler in outsourcing the job as compared to the moving in-house option because Platinum will not be required to deal with how the work is being done.

Intensive communication

Moving in-house would enable intense communication culture as opposed to the outsourcing; hence, it will lead employees to teamwork.

Systematic monitoring

“What gets measured gets done.” Monitoring in-house would also yield better results compared to the outsourcing the job, as monitoring would allow enhanced controls over the activities.

Key Risk Register

Key Risk Register is a risk management tool that helps in identifying, assessing and treating different risks faced by a company. It consists of four phases including Risk Identification, Risk Analysis, Risk Evaluation and Risk Treatment phase.

Risk Identification phase involves describing and classifying the risk, which includes three elements; Classification of Risk Category, the Description of the potential risk and its unique ID. Risk Analysis includes potential impact of the risk on the project, the likelihood or the probability of the risk and its consequences. Risk Evaluation includes the measurement of the level or magnitude of the risk and Trigger of risks. Risk Treatment includes the Prevention Plans, Contingency Plans, Ownership of Risk and Residual risks.

Risk of Losing Key employees and staff

Risk of Losing Key Staff can fall under the category of resources. Call Centre Manager Christine Di Marco is not happy and is reluctant to the move to Bracknell as she believes that this will have dire consequences on her department. Moreover, 55% of work force is not happy to relocate. Therefore, this risk has a high probability of occurrence but this threat can be mitigated and minimized at a huge cost by hiring new staff as well as making provision for their training.

Risk of down time at Platinum Call center

Risk of down time at Platinum’s call center can fall under the category of Time and Cost. Platinum needs a call center to be operational at all times as it is 24 hour business and the managers of hotline and claims; Sid Garcia and John Nicklaus have both expressed their fears about business continuity regarding this issue. This is also a huge risk, has high probability and can be reduced by making the call center off-site until the move-in is completed...........................................

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