Peyton Enterprises Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

This case supplies a circumstance wherein a variety of financial accounting problems could be discussed, particularly those related to the multi-interval reliance of accounting accruals. A less direct but nevertheless significant problem relates to earnings management and ends up really being a principal topic of the case.

The case focuses on three basic bookkeeping matters- the allowance for doubtful accounts, LIFO inventory reserves, and depreciation policies and assumptions-that scope the range of earnings management factors. It was written as a capstone case for a 9-minute graduate-level introductory financial accounting class.

The audience that is right would be grad- or undergraduate-level business students, executives, or those studying or working in fields that are financial. The case lends itself to team-teaching opportunities within direction, ethics, finance, and accounting.

Peyton Enterprises case study solution


This is just an excerpt. This case is about FINANCE & ACCOUNTING

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