Oracle: An Evolution Of The It Paradigm Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

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Cordon, Carlos; Seifert, Ralf W ; Liu, Fang; Margery, Philippe

Larry Ellison, creator and the charismatic CEO of the firm, considered that Oracle could lead the IT industry to a period of consolidation and integration to deliver higher value at a lower cost to customers. The cost of maintenance and integration due to the complexity of combining software and hardware from different vendors, was considerable. Businesses had to spend enormous amounts of cash on system integration merely to enable programs to replace the data.
Oracle An Evolution Of The It Paradigm Case Solution

While the Oracle had come up with an explanation to match with a comprehensive variety of its customers’ needs, its challenge was: How could a change be driven by it by selling value for enterprise architecture? Could it make such a tactical change in an organization the size of Oracle? Michel Clement, vice president of Oracle Central Europe, had a track record of delivering on reach targets but this latest challenge guaranteed to be especially demanding. He had to determine how exactly to implement the strategy in Central Europe. Learning objectives: keep associates employed throughout a transformational business shift and How to formulate an implementation strategy.

Subjects: Partnering strategy; IT as an enabler
Settings: Europe ; IT; Information technology ; 2011 revenues of USD 35 billion; 108,000 employees ; 2008-2011

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Oracle: An Evolution Of The It Paradigm

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