Online Brokerage: The Case of Ameritrade AMTD Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Online Brokerage: The Case of Ameritrade AMTD Case Solution

The function of this instance is to offer a structure, which will assist MBA trainees to establish a much deeper awareness of the e-commerce service design and idea of NPV and IRR by evaluating the principles of an online service under specific terms. Some of these being actually to assist trainees believe about marketing expenditure as a financial investment, to approximate pertinent case streams and to determine the primary level of sensitivity aspects and evaluate their effect. The primary concerns for trainee evaluation are: What is the short-term financial design of online-brokerage as a common e-commerce organization?

This case instructs the trainee how to use financial and NPV evaluation to the basics of a B2C negotiable e-commerce company. It permits approximating NPV and also IRR of the advertising financial investments. It offers a chance for trainees to examine the level of sensitivity of this specific NPV to the various account worth chauffeurs.

published: 01 Jan 2000

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