One Korea? Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

One Korea Case Solution

To highlight the level to which the characteristics and results of local disputes are formed by the significant worldwide powers. To evaluate the possibility of a brand-new battle regarding the Korean peninsula and/or of Korean marriage. To evaluate the longer-term economical, tactical and political effects of a merged Korea, ought to reunification take place.

The case defines the development of relations in between South and even North Korea given that the department of Korea and the Korean War, checks out the experience to the dispute over North Korea's atomic and rockets programs in the 1990s, demonstrates how inter-Korean relations have actually been formed by the attractions and treatments of the huge powers existing in the area (the United States, the USSR/Russia, China and Japan) and helps with an evaluation of the probability of a brand-new armed dispute on the Korean cape and Korean reunification.

published: 01 Aug 2001

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