Novartis Venture Fund: Valuation Dilemmas Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

IMD-1-0242 © 2005
Leleux, Benoit F.; Kemanian, Victoria; Pahwa, Atul; Siebenbuerger, Karin

The Novartis Venture Fund is considering investing into a start up; Genedata; and must take into consideration the valuation investigation by both the start up as well as Venture Valuation -- an independent boutique organization that specializes in valuing high growth potential startups.
Novartis Venture Fund Valuation Dilemmas Case Study Solution

NVF uses the Venture Valuation stimulation to find out how best to structure the following round of financing for Genedata and the case demands the reader assess and to discuss additional funding conditions pricing; and exit strategy for the fund.

Subjects: Valuation; Start-up; Venture Capital; Pharma; Pharmaceutical; Investment Strategy; Fund
Settings: Switzerland; Venture Capital; Pharmaceutical; $100 million; July 1999

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Novartis Venture Fund: Valuation Dilemmas

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