Northlands Ledger (A): Management Style, Strategy, and Performance Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The value proposition to the subscriber is that' the newspaper is delivered by us reliably and give you the latest national and international news'. Both value propositions are aged, and, even when they were what the customers needed-which they were not, neither was being do well.

The newspaper's key performance indicators- classified ads circulation, and commercial advertising are all in decline despite the truth that is growing. Nonetheless, he cannot simply transfer his success formula to the Ledger from the Star. Case (B) details his efforts and could be used as a classic example of good change management and leadership practices. Potter established a clear cut set of aims and invented a new strategy of responsiveness to readers and advertisers that responded to why they "hired" the newspaper in the very first place.

 To execute his new strategy he terminated senior managers and others who he did not feel could bring to the brand new paper, and made major changes in key dimensions of implementation: human resources, advice, structure and decision support systems, incentives, and culture. Throughout he used a mix of both definitive and participative change management-a mix which will evoke an interesting class discussion.


This is just an excerpt. This case is about STRATEGY & EXECUTION

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Northlands Ledger (A): Management Style, Strategy, and Performance

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