Next Generation Identification: FBI, ICE DatabasesExpand and Join Forces Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Next Generation Identification: FBI, ICE DatabasesExpand and Join Forces Case Solution 


Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has been a leader of biometrics. It has provided many sources of biometric services. The purpose of its services is to identify Spies, Hackers, Terrorists, Pedophiles, Gang Leaders, Mobsters and Serial Killers. The FBI offers a wide range of its services, which includeIdentity History Summary Checks, New E- Scams, Gun Checks, Crime Statistics/UCRand Sex Offender Registry.The fingerprint is one of its biometric mechanisms. However, other biometric mechanisms include DNA, irises, voice patterns, palm prints and facial patterns.

Question No. 1

List a set of tangible and intangible benefits as well as tangible and intangible costs for the FBI database system.

Answer No. 1

List of Tangible and Intangible Benefits of FBI database system

Tangible Benefit

The Tangible benefits of the FBI Database system include that the government will get the advantage of implementing FBI Database. The criminals will be arrested easily if the system detects criminals using FBI Database. Furthermore, the government will be able to procure crime in the country. Moreover, the potential current efforts would be minimized with the implementation of FBI database.

Intangible Benefit

The main purpose of the FBI database is to restrict crime in the country. Moreover, the citizens of the USwill be at ease in their normal life and they will feel safe in the workplace as well. Thus, it is an intangible benefit from the FBI database implementation that the people will not be scared of going out at public places, workplace and etc. As a result, they will feel free when going out of their homes.

List of Tangible Cost of FBI database system

Tangible Cost

The Tangible Cost obtained by the FBI Database involves the actual cost for the working of the entire system. Moreover, the employees devised for the database system of FBI would also incur the cost.

Intangible Cost

FBI database can cause innocent people to suffer. Since the NGI, the next generation’s identificationis the new source and cannot always recognize the facial recognition of the people. Hence, it would create issue for people if someone is falsely accused of any crime which they did not commit.

Question No. 2

Which arguments do you think are the strongest? Why?

Answer No. 2

Faith, Fear and Fact-Based arguments to support FBI database

The faith of the citizens included that the system implementation of FBI would be beneficial for the identification of criminals. The crime would reduce to minimum. FBI and the Secure Commission programs were criticized by the community since the communities feared that if someone was erroneously captured by the FBI,then it would be dangerous for the people to get rid of the situation. Moreover, the lawyers will face difficulty in defending the identified person through FBI database.Furthermore, another issue could be created regarding the trust between immigrant communities as well as the local citizens can be the victims of ambiguity......................

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