Netcare’s International Expansion Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In 2008, the acquisition of the General Healthcare Group (GHG) in the United Kingdom had propelled Netcare Limited (Netcare) from a mostly South African operation into among the biggest private hospital groups on earth. One of Netcare's vital long-term aims was to deliver advanced, quality health-care alternatives to patients in every continent. Recent South African parliamentary laws had introduced the potential for regulated pricing and collective bargaining in medical centers, which possibly impact the strategy of Netcare and could alter the business structure. Netcare wondered what the impact of international acquisition would have on executing its strategy as acquisition at home would be subject to rigorous examination from competition regulators. The case illustrates the international growth strategies of Netcare, and exemplifies the challenges of operating in an emergent marketplace. The skill to overcome these challenges is the foundation of a competitive advantage when entering markets that are developed.

Netcare's International Expansion Case Study Solution


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Netcare’s International Expansion

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