National Presto Industries Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

A recent business grad decided to contact her former classmates from her investing lessons. She emailed them with a proposal to re evaluate the company they'd valued for their final project, National Presto Industries (Presto). Presto was a diversified company operating in three different industries: housewares/small appliances, absorbent products, and defense. The valuation had dropped about 25 per cent and maybe it was time to take it off of the group’s “watch list, ” as it might now be undervalued and value buying.

National Presto Industries Case Study Solution

Presto was originally brought to the group’s consideration as having a low cost to a small market capitalization, a high dividend yield, and getting worth through a screening procedure that identified Presto. It was unusual in that it was a company that was operated in stable and unglamorous sections and over 100 years old, yet was measured an expansion corporation. If it was resolute that Presto was a great buy, the team also wanted to establish an exit price, but due to a tight concentration of investors and low average daily trading volume, the team wondered how this low liquidity would affect the stock’s share price.

Publication Date: 10/27/2011

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