NASCAR: Every Second Counts Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

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Billington, Corey; Barnett Berg, Michèle

After 15 years of working within the racing world of NASCAR; as athletic director for HMS; he was searching for the next breakthrough to improve pit crew operation. Previously in his career; he altered standards across the racing business and had halved pit times by transforming pit crew members into pit athletes and introducing athletic training. In doing so; Papa transformed auto racing and created a heritage in motorsports. Papa’s instinct was that of assigning pit standings existed an opportunity that would improve functionality within the fitting process. Papa was looking for means to elevate the system dynamic whether it be “ guy or the machine.”

NASCAR Every Second Counts – Helping Win From The Pits Case Study Solution

The next breakthrough would most likely be less spectacular than the initial; though no less essential. Fractions of a second could determine whether a race was won or lost. Other causal factors were the sustained evolution of racing; NASCAR and new automotive technologies regular changing of the rules to keep the playing field level. Learning objectives: To illustrate advanced techniques that can result in productivity and improved functionality and procedure improvement. The case uses example and the notion of knowledge brokering techniques – using old ideas to find new answers and solutions for difficulties and how this can be applied to enhance functionality. The case also; questions what will be the next breakthrough in performance and promotes discussion concerning whether it will be a person or technological element.

Subjects: Knowledge Brokering; Process Improvement; Performance Improvement; Competitive Advantage
Settings: North Carolina; USA; Automotive; Car racing; 5;000 employees; 1990-2007

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