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According to the teachers in Ireland, a “talking classroom” is a typical classroom environment in Irish schools. Walls are filled with all sort of information where different maps of different countries’ are pasted over the wall so that young children can better visualize the world. The teachers who wants to teach the students regarding trading partners of Ireland, point towards the map where the arrows are pointing in the direction of importing country with the name of the good written on top of the arrow. In current era, Projectors and i Pads have taken over the blackboards as teachers teach the lessons through animations. When teaching about a particular topic, teacher represents the graphical information using an overhead projector. Other than this, unlike any other nation, the Irish schools promote confidence in young children by pairing them together and then allowing them to discuss about a particular topic. At the end, teacher goes to each group and listens to the answers presented by the children. According to the teaching experts in Ireland, the “chalk and talk” technique can cause fatigue in children as they just have to keep listening to the lecture and look at the board therefore they become restless. Hence, the Irish teachers use props to deliver the information rather than just writing on the board.

In an Irish classroom teacher’s main aim is to instill critical thinking in the students. S/he encourages student to ask questions by teaching them from the slides and facilitate their students by answering different questions to check their understanding regarding the subject.

Irish teachers are known to use set of audios and visuals for provisioning of instructions and information. For instance, when teaching about a particular word, a giant touch screen technology is used by the teachers. As child touches a word on the giant screen, that particular words brightens and so s/he would be able to hear its pronunciation. By doing this the school is polishing the reading and listening skills of a student. (Eremu, 2018)

Education for the Future:

The designer mind initiative has been designed to introduce children to Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math also called STEAM topics which involves students’ engagement and they learn about the new topics in an enjoyable environment. The equipment provided to the young minds are of high quality and cutting-edge technology. Children are provided with engineering toys which helps them develop a sense of mechanical engineering at an early age. Moreover, the instructor provide them with computer and robots and other science materials so student can get to know about the latest scientific developments at an early age. The designer mind team guarantees that children are using the material that are not easily available in the schools and which helps them to explore the subject in a much better way.  (DESIGNER MINDS., 2018)


Special children need special attention and obviously special education methodology. The children with down-syndrome finds it hard to pronounce the words. With this, they have to name colors and shapes and have to match each of them. The child have to call out the name of the letter and have to identify the letter in the list of alphabets. In this case, teachers use concrete materials and they isolate the letters. They brighten up the specific letter amongst the group of other letters. Including this the teacher uses different pictures and photographs to develop a sense of shape within the mind of their students. By doing so, child can visualize letters and can differentiate them from other letters. (National council for Special Education , 2006)


Multi modal learning is considered to be an essential part of the schooling system throughout the world. As it is getting popular in other parts of the world, Ireland has been at the forefront at the provision of the multi modal learning methodology. The teaching methods revolve around the usage of multimedia and different sets of audios and videos to instill the knowledge efficiently in the minds of a student. The education department has established Síolta to ensure that high quality education is provided throughout the early age of a child. In Irish classrooms the usage of blackboard is getting minimal as the years are passing by. Teachers are using large projectors and different pictures to impart the knowledge regarding different subjects. A child, when learns new information from different visuals and animations, develops a better understanding of the subject. Therefore, the Irish technique of using multi modal learning is liked by different developing nations of the world and they are willing to adopt them sooner than later.......


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