Mobil USM&R (C): Lubricants Business Unit Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

CEO of Lubricants Business in the USA Mobil marketing and refining division has launched a project to develop a balanced scorecard (BSC) for the unit. The aim was to provide a focus for all staff employees, allowing them to work in an integrated manner. After indicators have been designed, CEO of the call to extend the efforts of the project team, to every employee in the business unit. The team began by building a causal tree, which is related targets high-level units to the position or task for each person. The group then visited all the sites using the causal tree to link strategy device and system performance in responsibilities of individuals. This case describes the construction of individual BSCs and their impact on employee behavior. "Hide

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by Robert S. Kaplan Source: Harvard Business School 9 pages. Publication Date: September 5, 1996. Prod. #: 197027-PDF-ENG

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Mobil USM&R (C): Lubricants Business Unit

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