MK Taxi: Private Chauffeur Service Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

MK Taxi Tokyo has developed a system to allow customers to use their mobile phones to find and connect with a cabin next to them, bypassing the dispatch center. The system, called personal driver (PCS), using I-MODE service NTT, which essentially turns mobile phones into small internet terminals. Operating from NTT to develop applications that are physically connected to each PCS determines the next taxi, and automatically connects the customer to the driver in the cab for voice calls. At the time of the case, Maasaki Aoki, head of MK Tokyo, wondering how best to expand and strengthen the PCS service.
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by Andrew McAfee Source: Harvard Business School 15 pages. Publication Date: August 25, 2004. Prod. #: 605029-PDF-ENG

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MK Taxi: Private Chauffeur Service

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