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relatively sovereign functions also facilitate the trade requirements to be more intimately united and measured from a function unit viewpoint

  • Talent possession & expansion
  • Management expansion
  • Leadership expansion
  • Management of the development of the Microsoft Culture

At Microsoft, the corporation ethnicity is often termed as facilitative by the administration. There are significant reserves made in the expansion of workers, and most recent support is provided for most favorable career enlargement. The plan is to receive the most excellent talent which is fervent, competent, and growth‐oriented.


International management includes the business operations of the company that the organization conducts in order to build its presence in more the one country. The company always hires those employees in its organizations that are well competent in performing its task as well as encourage employees towards the organizational goals. Overseas management always requires above skills and knowledge regarding the business expertise which helps the organizations in achieving its objective and goals all over the world.

International management creates many problems for the organizations that perform its operations in the international market. The domestic organization gets more benefits and advantages in the market as compared to international organizations. The significant challenges that the company faced are the lack close relations with headquarters as well as the lack of geographical distances which enable the companies to achieve maximum benefits from the international market. Thus, it is essential for the companies to pay full attention to theirstaffing practices in overseas market which could help in achieving its overseas market goals and objectives efficiently and effectively.


The overseas manager faced many challenges in the organization before establishing its business operations in the international markets. The cultural differences offer a wide variety of opportunities for developing a diverse workforce. If the parent company is located in the US and its another office is located in some other areas then it is the responsibility of the HR manager to ensure that the timeline and goal to reach these aims are met or not. The company should have a clear understanding of the cultural and economic differences between the countries which would help the businesses in achieving its organizational and corporate goals. Moreover, the HR manager also needs to maintain an active policy and philosophy for its organization which would be used by the company in all other locations where they are interested in establishing its product position. However, the most costly and challenging solutions for the HR manager is to place the home country employees in the international market in an effort to develop a platform that encounters the need of the parental company. The main issues that the geographical differences create include the languages, communication and time zone differences. These issues not only enable the company to achieve its steady business growth as well as create hindrance in the way of achieving the organizational goals.

If we talk about the managers of the Microsoft, they are more successful in the market as compared to other overseas markets. The success of Microsoft entirely depends on the decision making of the overseas managers. The company hired those employees in his organization who have full knowledge of the rules and regulations of the overseas market. Moreover, the main strategy and approach of the company is that they always hired home country employees for its overseas operations. ................

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