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MEDLIFE is a network of health care professionals, students, and trained staff who work together with communities to provide a better access to education, medicine, and development. They mainly focus on the families that have low-income around the world. MEDLIFE works with medical professionals and students in many countries such as Peru, Ecuador, India and Tanzania. These countries are among the many that have the lack of health care and medical facilities for their citizens. The basic purpose of Medlife is to provide quality health care to its people (Flores, 2005).

MEDLIFE’s mission is to help families to achieve greater freedom from poverty and empower to live the healthier life. Med life provides facilities and aid through three avenues such as a mobile clinic, education and development project fund. Med life medical clinic delivers basic health care facilities to the families and ensures that no patient left the services.

Moreover, Met Life provides the opportunity for educational programs to create medical awareness among the individuals and empower patients on different health care topics. Furthermore, the development project fund department addresses problems faced by individuals and design programs to deliver services (Sherman Folland, 2007).

According to the world health organizations, 1 billion people do not have access to health care and medical professional on a daily basis, especially Lima, Peru. Lima is the fourth largest city in America, with the population of 9 million. It is considered as the most financial center of Latin America. However, the city is suffering from extreme poverty because of the country less focus on this city. Moreover, the people low-income in this city, and therefore, unable to fulfill their basic needs.

Medlife Case Solution

Many people of rural Sierra migrated from Peru to Lima in search of economic opportunity and fulfill their basic needs such as health care, work opportunities, and education. There are other major concerning factors in Lima that need to be analyzed such as high population rate, high unemployment, and lack of access to water and electricity, low wages and lack of attention from the states. MEDLIFE addresses these issues in Lima through mobile clinics and development projects.

The students in MEDLIFE contribute by participating in mobile clinics and education in various countries. Moreover, they help MEDLIFE to raise funds from different organizations to finance fund projects of MEDLIFE and educate families and individuals across the globe. The students go on the trip and serve the low-income communities and provide medical awareness regarding hygiene.


MEDLIFE raises their funds through different mediums and organizations and the 100% funds spends towards the community projects such as educational programs, medical camps, students trips and patient awareness programs. Moreover, the funds are used in the construction of building materials, schools, medicine, medical exams, and hospital fees. Moreover, Medlife covers a transaction fee via credit card so that it is easily accessible and effective.

In Lima, Midlife Ryerson promotes global healthcare awareness and raises funds for Medlife. Medlife Ryerson 10 executes many programs, and conducts different programs to provide health awareness among the individuals. In May 2014, mobile clinic trip benefited 953 people and provided a learning experience for medicals students.

Some of the crucial factors that MEDLIFE needs to analyze in order to increase its revenue through fundraisings include cutting wasteful spending, focusing on health awareness and maximizing profits. Moreover, MED LIFE needs to adopt new approaches to attract donations such as silent auctions and annuals galas (JF Fries, 1993).

Online fundraising

Online fundraising is the most important technique that MEDLIFE needs to develop because it is easy to use interface and requires fewer costs. The majority of the people are engaged with social media especially youth. The use of social media website such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest help to grab a lot of people to donate the money.

Once MEDLIFE has people on the website successfully, the next step would be to draw an attention of the people to donate the money. It should explain to the people the major purpose of the fundraising and create a strong imagination that supports their reason for giving. Furthermore, MEDLIFE also adds social proof to show the potential donors that the money is fully supported, and the money is raised (Jay, 2010)................................

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